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Our educator and student community have been contacting us about some free courses on Eliademy as a demonstration of how Eliademy can be used. Eliademy team is proud to announce 4 free demo courses on our platform. You can find below details of the courses

Hacking on Diaspora: The Open Social Network by Jason Robinson
After the course you will be able to set up a development environment, create patches and submit them for community review. You will also learn Diaspora* code architecture and good practices on how to work with the project code. During the course some real bugs will be fixed or features implemented.

For details and enrollment, please click HERE

Building Your First Client Side Web Application with Backbone JS by Aurelijus Bruzas
The aim of this course is to set you on the right track in client side web application development, enabling you to create responsive, feature-rich applications and utilize the proven application architecture patterns ad modern tools.

For more details and enrollment, please click HERE

Developing Applications for Sailfish OS: An Introduction by Aurelijus Bruzas
The aim of this course is to guide you through the development of your first application for Sailfish OS. After completing this course, you will be able to create and deploy simple applications for Sailfish OS based devices.

For details and enrollment, please click HERE

An Introduction to Qt Development by Karthik Duggirala
This introductory course covers the essentials required to start development using Qt , a cross platform application framework. After completing this course you will be able to deploy your applications on multiple platforms such as MeeGo, S60 and BlackBerry 10.

For details and enrollment, please visit HERE

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