New course privacy settings and notifications

Just a few minutes ago, we released a new version of Eliademy. It includes bug fixes and several new features.

“Public access” courses on Eliademy
“Public access” courses are available for anyone to take; Google and other search engines index course description. Teacher can invite students via email, social media or simply by writing course URL on the class board. It is perfect if you want to reach maximum amount of students with your free course.Invitation:public

All previously created courses are set in “Invitations only” mode. Such course is accessible only to students who received a special invitation link. Teacher can send email invitations directly from Eliademy or share the link manually. It is recommended to use this mode for close groups of students.

New notification system
Notification system is reworked from grounds up. Teacher and will get notifications about all relevant activity on the course. New discussion posts, task updates or calendar changes will be visible in “Feed”.

Custom logo for courses
Now teacher can upload own logo to the course header. It can be logo of university, school, company or even a small picture that can be used to make course on Eliademy stand out.

logo change

Eliademy is now available in Lithuanian language. Huge thanks for all our Lithuanian users who contributed to translation.

Thank you all for the excellent support and feedback you provided over the past week. Tell us what you think about these updates in the comments below.

– Sergey Gerasimenko
Co-founder and CPO, CBTec