Storyboardthat, the creative platform for story telling can be used with Eliademy

Day by day, instructors and learners demand more collaborative, creative and learning enhancing tools they can use with their online classrooms or learning management system for offline studies. Ever heard about This platform provides instructors and learners  a creative and fun way to learn and visually communicate. Learners can use it to practice a foreign language, write a creative story or highlight key passages. The possibilities of usage are limitless depending on the creativity of the user.

The classroom edition of Storyboardthat as described in the video enables an instructor to create a class storyboard. All required is to use a unique name your students call you to create a private board and a unique URL will be associated with the board. The best part is that you can copy the link and paste as a task to a course for your students on Eliademy. By clicking the link, your students will be able to join Storyboardthat and create a storyboard based on your instructions. At the moment, they can download the storyboard as Powerpoint and submit as a file attachment on Eliademy. However, in the future, there might be a possibility to integrate storyboards directly to Eliademy and submit without going through the Powerpoint process.

We hope you find this 3rd party tool useful? Leave your thoughts about this in the comment section below.