Test your students with quizzes on Eliademy

Today is the day for a major update on Eliademy. We have been listening to feedback from our vibrant diverse community and happy to announce release of the four most wanted features:

1. Quizzes. Multiple choice question is a new type of assignment course instructors can give to students. Now students can test their knowledge and teachers can build interactive study materials directly in Eliademy.

Quiz example

2. Free form text submission for assignments. Now students can create entire assignment directly in Eliademy, use same powerful authoring interface loved by instructors. This especially helps users with iOS devices which does not allow file submission from mobile browser. However, if you want to use classical file upload, you can still do it from the same familiar interface.

Free form task

3. Assignments without file submission is another new type of course tasks. Such assignment is very useful to keep students informed about course activities such as home reading or upcoming exams. It will show up as a regular task with a deadline in student interface.

4. Custom course background picture. Now your course in Eliademy can be even more personal. Course background picture could be any PNG, JPEG or GIF file. Picture will be resized to fit 849×170 resolution and you will be able to make adjustments by dragging it up and down in preview window.

Course picture change

Let us know what you think about these new features in the comment box below!

– Sergey Gerasimenko
Co-founder and CPO, CBTec