Make learning in Eliademy more interactive through screencasts

Creating interactive tutorials, making engaging class presentations and “flipping” has become a popular and useful approach in education, enabling students to maximize their learning experience by hearing and seeing lessons firsthand.

Screencast-O-Matic is a free Java-based web application that can be used to create screencasts on your computer. The application allows users to create recordings of screen activity with audio.

If as an instructor, you would like to ensure your students understand different concepts by showing a step by step description through a video, here are tips on how you can integrate Screencast-O-Matic in your classes on Eliademy.

1. Click on “Start Recording” to begin.


2. A frame will appear and everything inside the frame will be recorded. You can resize the frame using the squares at the corners and you can drag the whole frame by placing the cursor on the broken line.


3. The set-up toolbar allows you to record, check the audio device and level, choose the recording screen size, enable webcam use and delete the current screencast.


4. Once you’ve press record, the screen will have a countdown before starting with the screencast.


5. The recording tool bar enables you to pause the recording, check the audio level, monitor the recording time, restart the current screencast and finish the current project.


6. When you are done with your screencast you may review and publish it. There are 3 different ways to publish the screencast.


7. When publishing via Screencast-O-Matic you are given a link wherein you can access the screencast.


8. Place the link of the screencast in your class on Eliademy. If you published on Youtube, it looks even better as you can upload the video as an embedded content.


Educators are using screencasts to flip the classroom, record lectures, step-by-step tutorials, provide demonstrations, virtual class presentations, give feedback on students coursework, capture a video stream for the class and even create assignments that requires the student to make a screencast.

Using Screencast-O-Matic alongside Eliademy is just the start of the numerous possibilities brought about learning in the digital age. There are more applications that can supplement the use of Eliademy, making learning easier and more interactive.

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