CBTec Joins FIBS, Finland’s Corporate Responsibility Network

FIBS_eng_CMYKToday, we are happy to announce that CBTec, the company behind eliademy.com has officially joined FIBS,  the leading Corporate Responsibility network of Finland. This is as part of our mission to expand the opportunity for learners to access educational content. FIBS is the leading network for responsible business in Finland. It has been successfully promoting financially, socially and environmentally sustainable business since its establishment in 2000.

Eliademy, the free classroom on the cloud made by CBTec has received unprecedented popularity and the user base continues to grow day by day. To ensure Eliademy will always be free for educational institutions as well as provide responsible businesses the opportunity of tapping into the education technology sphere, we are experimenting a “Classroom in the Cloud” CSR programme for large organizations to sponsor the deployment of Eliademy in special areas and regions of the world, most especially emerging economies. By sponsoring this e-learning initiative, these companies can be proud that they are enabling basic education tools for learners, mostly young people

By being member of FIBS, we will have access to information about the latest research, tools and best practices in this area as well as obtain peer support for the long-term management of responsible business and the creation of new practices through a peer network.

This announcement enriches our network and partners’ list which includes LEAD AaltoAIESECACBSP, TIVIT among others. The race to advancing humanity through education technology is what we are after, and every effort takes us a step further. To obtain more information about this development, you may contact Sotiris Makrygiannis, our CEO at CBTec.

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On behalf of CBTec