Eliademy: free online classroom from Finland now available in Portuguese.

brazil launch 1

Launched recently in Latin America, published on important blogs and newspaper around the region and growing  around the world since its release, Eliademy launches its service in Portuguese. This development adds one more to the already extended list of languages available on the platform to reduce limitations to adopting the learning system and make education accessible for all.

Eliademy is a free online classroom service that supports educators and students, allowing them to create, share and manage course. Why is it different from the rest of the platforms? Eliademy brings to the course management and online education an intersection of good design and engineering that engages students and motivates instructors to teach

This tool can be used as a learning environment for universities, schools and organizations, where both parts can establish a participatory communication through the web; thanks to options like image sharing, multiple files on different formats, news feed, notifications and calendar events anytime and anywhere. With these features, teachers can motivate their students in a practical and interactive way that changes the way we learn.

Considering facts like the constant need for better education, innovation coupled with high population and low numbers of teachers in Brazil, Eliademy enables instructors to reach more and more students. A good sign is also that learning through digital technology has received high reception in Brazil.

Aiming to democratize education with technology, and supported by CBTec, a Finnish company founded by ex Nokia-Meego team and developed with top universities, organizations and Finnish students, we now arrive to Brazil and Portuguese speaking countries sharing a common goal: to accomplish constant and advanced improvements to education; being this “the only profession that creates other professions” and thereby, a better society.

Special thanks from the Eliademy team to Francisco Salerno Neto and Romina Correia Scarso, for their valuable contribution and translation of the whole website to Portuguese language, from the words of the great Henry ford: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.