Eliademy Now Supports Latin, Yes Latin

Latin LaunchThe team at Eliademy is happy to announce the release of Eliademy, our e-learning platform in Latin. We announced as part of our mobile launch few days ago, that even though very few people in the world speak Latin- an official language in the Vatican City, we will like to make online teaching and learning through Eliademy possible for this group.

Interestingly, 60% of English words had been described to emerge from Latin and having a keen grasp over Latin grammar and vocabulary can vastly improve ones ability to learn and understand in other similar languages. At launch, Eliademy stressed that one of its strategies is making the platform usable in local languages and the pace of language roll out has been impressive. The release of Latin now makes the total number of languages 14 including English, Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Serbian, Filipino, Lithuanian, Hindi and Kazakh, Croatian and Montenegro. With more languages in the pipeline, Eliademy might be reaching over 40 languages by the end of 2013.

Eliademy is a classroom in the cloud, sometimes called learning management system, that support educators and students, enabling them create, share and manage courses for free. Eliademy’s mission is to democratize education with technology. Eliademy is developed in Finland, global leader in education by CBTec, a company founded in beginning of 2012 by Ex-Nokia Meego team.

Do you know people who teach or learn in Latin? or people particularly interested in the language? Simply share this development with them or comment below.


Eliademy team