Power to the community!

Power to Community

We have started Eliademy with two objectives. First and foremost we wanted to design it for users, for teachers and students, taking into account differences in teaching styles, grading methods, curriculum structure and even culture. Something as simple as that was neglected LMS developers for more than a decade. Few months after release, we are delighted to state Eliademy is not only built for users; users are also building it. Any user of Eliademy can suggest a new feature in one simple click of “Feedback” button. We are rigorously checking “Ideas” section of http://eliademy.uservoice.com for comments and suggestions of how to make Eliademy better. Right now we have 22 ideas from community in our development pipeline and 14 are already released in the past few months. We would like to continue this trend and ask our users to suggest and vote for ideas via our Support page.

Our second objective is to make Eliademy available to the entire world. Everybody should be having a free access to education and even more importantly in his or her own language. Right now Eliademy is available in 13 languages, which would not be possible without help we got from a great community of Eliademy educators. Nothing motivates us more than messages where you ask to make Eliademy available in Italian, Uzbek or Bengali. We would like to thank once again educators who contributed the most: Bakytgul Salykhova, Francisco Salerno Neto, Ouyang Qi, Romina Correia Scarso, Silvija Budaviciute, Victoria Saravas, Violeta Salonen Vu Dinh Lieu and everyone else who have been helping with proofreading and editing. However translation process has always been very time consuming and requires multiple email communication just to get one new language out.

Today we are launching Eliademy Translation Server that will allow anybody to translate and contribute just one word, a sentence or a whole language. It is based on celebrated open source software Pootle, which will do lots of translation magic such as providing automated suggestions for your language based on similar projects and user recommendations, automatically detect common errors made by translators and keep up terminology suggestions for consistent translations. Best of all – we can get a new language in Eliademy just in a few hours.

To get started, you can register but this is optional. Registering will allow us to display your name in the contributors list so we know whom to thank when we reach out to the world!