Improve the way you manage your free online Eliademy course: create online forms to keep it organized and effective with Wufoo.

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When we create a course or we are in charge of a Project, it is very important to get a feedback from all those people who trusted us to provide to them a product, service, conference, course or subject. Wufoo arrives to the market with the goal of satisfying this latent need to always give the best quality to our clients, users or customers, facilitating the easiest and most practical way to elaborate form or surveys to measure the acceptance level from people, receiving notifications, different designs, among other features that make this program relevant compared to the other ones in the market. When you create a course in Eliademy, you open the door for a whole new way to impart and receive knowledge between the educator and the apprentice, whereby, having the option to get the opinion, review or feedback from those who enrolled into your course it’s very important to correct your weaknesses and step up your strengths, this way we can offer a better quality in our next classes, building a better reputation that will allow us to reach even more people to educate as time goes by. How can we mix these two platforms? Here is a brief demonstration that will help you to understand a little bit better. NOTE: you should have an Eliademy and Wufoo account to be able to do this process.

1. Click on “new form” showed on the home page of your profile.

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2.Choose the features of your preference to make the form. For this example, we will create a very simple one. Each option inside the “standard” category provides you different designs to create your questions and the answer options. If you wish, you can also add a text paragraph to allow the people to express freely through their own words about the information you want to get.

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3. Once you’re finished, click on “Save form”

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Congratulations! You just created your own form to get the information you want from people. Now, Wufoo also offers you the “reports” option, allowing you to visualize the results of the survey once it’s finished. With just 4 easy steps, you can create a preview of how the results will look.

1.Click on the “reports” option on your homepage.

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2. Click on “new report”

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3. Fill the information in a very quick and simple way about the preview of your report, this will be shown once the information from the survey is obtained. Thanks to this option, you are adapting the design of the form according to your needs.

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4. Click on “save report”

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5. To integrate this survey into your Eliademy course, click on “code” to get access to the links.

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6. Go to your Eliademy course, to the part where you add the content, and putt he link on the “resources” section, adding a brief description, inviting students to fill the survey once they’re finished with the class.

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Congratulations again!  You have completed your first form for your course in Eliademy. Never forget the importance of a survey. It determines the quality of your teaching, the content you provide and the way you evaluate and communicate with your students or apprentices. This method will help you to become the best on your work field. To start innovating the way you educate, visit and Your only limitation is your creativity and the effort you put into innovating and integrating different tools or applications to your work environment. Be creative, change begins within.