Improve your Eliademy course with multiple language recordings and other features from AudioPal

When you teach a course with a worldwide platform like Eliademy, you might be facing a multicultural learning environment where English prevails as the universal language for education. However, not all of your students or participants might have the same fluency when it comes to understand certain information or learn about some specific topic that could be considered important for a effective development of your course.

AudioPal offers you very simple steps to create your own recording, and the best feature of this application, is that you can do it in multiple languages, among other features that will make your Eliademy course simple, practical and easy to learn for everyone, like it’s supposed to be.

With very simple steps, we will show you how to use this application. AudioPal has a lot of features, but we will give you an example of how make recordings in multiple languages, which in our opinion, is the best quality that makes this amazing application different from the rest.

Follow these few steps, but before, make sure you already have an Eliademy account.

1. Go to AudioPal website and click “get yours, it’s free!” option shown on the home page.

Audio Pal 1


2. AudioPal offers you 4 incredible features. You can make a phone call a create your recording, also you can do it directly from your laptop or PC with a microphone, or you can upload a recording you already have, for this example, we will show you how to use the best feature they offer: make a recording on multiple languages, shown on the picture, described as “Type in your text”



3. Now it’s tie for you to write the text you want to record. As an example, we will write a brief paragraph. On the right side of the board, AudioPal gives you the option to choose any language from a long list, and also the voice of your preference. Choose the language and voice you want, and they click on “Say it!”.

It is important to know that you must type the text on the language you want to record. In this case, we wrote in English, so our recording will be in the same language.



4. When you are done with the text, click on preview to see how your recording will appear on the website.



5. As a final step, write your email address to receive your recording and start sharing it.



6. Once you have opened the link on your email, you are now able to choose where to share it. We will show you how to integrate this on your Elaidemy course. Copy the URL shown on your browser.



7. Now go to your Eliademy course and publish the link of your recording on the course material section with a brief specification about the information you provide.



Congratulations! you just learned how to improve even more your Eliademy course.

The world is fool of opportunities and tools that we can use to become better on what we do, it depends on ourselves how to use these opportunities for our benefit. Think outside the box, dare to be different, and you will see better results everyday.