Eliademy in Italian; another community effort in online education

Italian 2

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success – Henry Ford


A few months back, we opened the creation of Eliademy to the community and the quote above stood as a pointer to what we will like to achieve with instructors  and learners. Then came our Translation Service where we further empowered our community of users to customize Eliademy for their language benefits. Today, this community effort continues to yield fruits as one of our avid users from Italy completes the Italian version of Eliademy. This development follows earlier successful translation efforts in Kazakh, Portuguese, Lithuainian among other languages.

Spoken by more than 85 million people across the globe, Italian is a descendant of Latin language and remains the closest to Latin in terms of vocabulary (Eliademy is also available in Latin). With this development, instructors from Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Malta, Vatican city, Croatia and all the way to Somalia where a minority speaks Italian can begin to use the language for online education.

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And for the business expatriate community spread all over Americas and Australia, this offers an opportunity for them to utilize a learning management system software to engage in online learning from anywhere. Eliademy, coupled with some special features targeted at HR Managers is increasingly being used to educate workforce within organizations. Well for some that might be curious about such usage within organizations, you can obtain more information by mailing info@eliademy.com or simply wait when more information is unveiled about this in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Silvia Capperi who spearheaded the Italian translation effort. Your success is our pride.

Keep teaching, keep learning