Eliademy Adds Embeddable Multimedia and Course Settings

We got lots of praise after releasing new visual editor last week and we want to make it even better with ability to embed any online multimedia object directly to Eliademy course. You can access this new functionality by clicking new “Iframe” button on the toolbar. iframe

Now you can enrich your course with embedded Google Documents (via File->Publish to the web->HTML embed), live online video like Ustream (Share->Embed), innovative presentations of Prezi (Embed) or even a webcast from your class. As long as service allows you to create embeddable iframe code, it will work with Eliademy.Google docsUstream

We are also introducing course settings menu. Now you can assign start/end dates for you course, completely delete it or move your course to “complete” state by pressing “End now” button. Both students and teachers will have full access to course content in completed state, but it will be shown differently in course dashboard.New settings

We will be updating our Helpdesk with new guides during the next days. Thank you all for you great support and feedback.

– Sergey Gerasimenko
Co-founder and CPO, CBTec