How To Use Evernote for Your Eliademy Course


“Remember everything”. Sometimes seems like a very complicated thing to do, when you manage your personal, academic and professional life at the same time. Nowadays, remembering everything has turned into a much easier task, thanks to the proliferation of software applications and programs, especially one of the best at the moment, Evernote.

So how can a note-taking application and archiving service be used within an online classroom platform like Eliademy? Actually it’s very simple. Students can use this as a fundamental tool to take notes including images in the classroom or during spare time. Such notes can then be uploaded as a response to tasks assigned by a teacher. Such important information will be accessible anywhere and you can take them with you wherever you go, through your mobile devices.

This  post will show you how to properly use Evernote for your Eliademy course. In this case and as an example, we will use the desktop version of Evernote.

To get started, login to Eliademy and click the “Notes” icon shown in the image below. Sign in to Evernote and you should have your images, text, clipped sites and so on synced to Eliademy. What you can simply do as a student is to respond to a task assigned to you on Eliademy by copy-pasting a note from Evernote. This way, it will be easier for you to respond to course tasks if you keep your notes with you all the time.Evernote for eliademy 1

For instance, you might have taken notes, saved images, clipped websites as you gather materials for a course task. Simply copy all the information and paste as a response to your task on Eliademy as shown in the image below.


Now, with all the content you need for the task posted, click on the option “Submit” to submit the task to your teacher or instructor.

task final

You have just completed a task by just working with your notes!

Technology keeps changing, and we keep changing with it. As we work hard to provide you the best tools and latest trends education technology, feel free to innovate the way you teach and learn.


Jose Arias