10000 active users, 10000 steps closer to our dream

10000 steps

Yesterday, we announced that Eliademy.com community has grown to 10,000 active users. We appreciate everyone that has been involved in making our platform achieve this growth. For us, it is more than counting users, it is 10,000 steps closer to our dream- Democratizing education with technology.

We have received a lot of your support and incredible ideas on how to make eLearning even better which made the summer truly hot for our team of developers. Together we’ve translated Eliademy into 20 languages, launched almost magical CKEditor, made embedding of any multimedia as simple as one click and connected Eliademy with your favourite services like Evernote and iCal. These are just a few out of many updates launched in the past months and many more are yet to come. So, if you haven’t checked Eliademy.com recently, we definitely recommend you to read our blog and invite all your friends to enjoy teaching and learning with us.

Thank you for all your support. We truly believe that our positive collaboration is the key to making education available to everyone and everywhere.

Share some love by helping us to spread the word about our mission. You can just send us “hello” on Twitter, “like” our Facebook page or even post a short video on Youtube telling why you use Eliademy. Every Tweet, Like or Video will put a smile on our small team of 11 people that are happy to serve you every day.

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