New visual editor and support for IE10

We are exited to announce release of a major update for Eliademy visual editor. Aside of general performance fixes and improvements, we have also added few new features that will make course authoring even easier than before.

New media embedding experience. We have got lots of feedback about your experience with iFrame. While allowing embedding virtually any kind of material, it is pretty hard to use. Now Youtube, SlideShare, Vimeo and iFrame buttons are simplified into just one  – “Embed Media”. All you need to paste is a URL of the media object you want to share with your class. Our engine will automatically convert URL to an embeddable object.embed toolbar media

New image handling and caption. Resizing and moving a picture inside of text block is much more intuitive now. Arrow in top left corner allows you to move picture around, and dragging bottom right corner resizes the picture. It works even on touch devices, such as iPad and Android tablet. Also, you can add a caption to your picture.Picture embed

Math formulas. One of long awaited features was the ability to type and add math formulas to your course. This is a vital requirement for any natural science or economics curriculum, and now we have happy to announce Eliademy is fully compatible with LaTeX syntax. Just press “Math” button and type your equation. Note that it is also  possible to create a quiz with formulas in questions.embed toolbar mathmath formulas

Source editor. We want to deliver the best content authoring on web to all educators, and will continue improving our visual editor. However, also based on your request, we are giving an ability of full HTML editing for power users.embed toolbar source

Internet Explorer, finally. Last but not least, Eliademy adds IE10 to the list of officially supported browsers. After few weeks of testing and debugging we have made sure your experience on IE 10 is on par with any other browser. However, as before, please do let us know if you have any issues. We would be happy to help.

As always, we would be glad to hear your feedback on our forum.

Keep teaching, keep learning!

– Sergey Gerasimenko
Founder and CPO, CBTec