Feature Friday: Hide upcoming tasks and quizzes from students

From today, Eliademy educators can plan and draft quizzes and tasks for entire course in advance, without letting students know the content or any other details.

Hide taskss

In order to use new feature, as a teacher, navigate to the task you want to hide, click “Edit”  and select “Hide from students”. Students will not be able to see hidden tasks in their dashboard, and will not receive any notification when you will be changing content there. Course instuctor will see “hidden” task as before on the Tasks tab.

Hide task 2

We would highly recommend to all educators to create tasks placeholders when a course starts to ensure course progress is displayed correctly for students.

Course progress & LI

We will remind that student progress on the course is calculated based on tasks completion. Receiving a grade for an assignment, completing a quiz or passing a deadline for a self-study materials will contribute equal amount of progress on the course.

Keep teaching, keep learning!

– Sergey Gerasimenko
Founder and CPO, CBTec