Feature Friday: Improved Quizzes, Groups Management and Self-Registration for E4B

Group management
Eliademy adds a huge time saver for HR people – group management feature. Now E4B administrators will be able to:

  • Create custom groups (like Accounting, Management, Engineering etc.)
  • View and filter user of the organization by a group
  • Manually assign existing users of the organization to particular group (one user can be member of multiple groups at once)
  • Automatically assign users to a group on email invitations
  • Enroll entire groups of users to a course


Self-registration of organization users

Self registrationIf, as an administrator, you don’t know all emails of people who you would like to join and access your organization private courses, or simply run an open organization – you can now “Allow users to self register and join organization learning space” via Organization Details page. Self-registration link (which you can get via User Management -> Add people -> Self-registration) can be reused multiple times and can be shared will any people who you would like to join your organization. Disabling this option in Organization Details page will deactivate self-registration link.

Improved quizzes

Quiz-triesUntil now, as student you could take a quiz only once. With new version, teacher can set amount of tries student has for each quiz on Eliademy.  Students will be notified that they can take quiz multiple times, and after completing it, students will see an option to retake quiz or stop and record results. Always the best attempt’s result is stored in Eliademy for course grading. After button “See results” is presses students will be able to see correct and incorrect answers.

We also increased length of the quiz question from 140 to 500 characters. Now it can accommodate even very long questions.

We have a big update coming up that addresses 2 most voted features ever.  Please remember to leave your vote, it really counts.

– Sergey Gerasimenko
Founder and CPO, CBTec