Feature Friday: New course navigation model, certificates and grade-book

Today we update Eliademy with the some of the most requested features by you, our coummunity of learners and educators.

Auto-generated curriculum and new navigational model
Each course now has an automatically generated table of content on the left side of the page. As simple as it sounds, it gives lots of benefits to both students and educators.

New layout

Students can quickly navigate between course sections. In order to improve the flow we also introduced buttons than lead you to the next or previous topic, just about time you completed a current one. Each course panels has a direct URL, which means an exact link pointing to a specific topic can be shared between course participants and also it can be bookmarked in a browser.

Educators, on the other hand, retain all previous functionality, but also give an ability to see an automatic “Curriculum” of their course. And, most importantly, reorder topics in the course

Those changes also introduce significant performance improvements to Eliademy.

Certificates of course completion
As a teacher you can select to issue a certificate of course completion to your students. To do so, you will first need to enable “Course offers Certificate of Completion” option on your Course Settings page.

Certificates can be customized on Course Progress / Design page. Main instructor’s name, title and organization will be displayed in the certificate. Certificate can be customized further with organization logo and instructor’s signature. At the moment, certificates are available only in English, but we working on a localized version too together with more template.Certificate sample

We recommend issuing certificate only to those students who met course criteria (and we will prompt you if they didn’t). However, it is fully up to instructor to decide and press “Issue” button next to a student’s name (note, as an instructor you can also revoke certificates). Students will get a notification and will be able to access certificate right on the course front page.

Certificate share

Grading overview
Holistic overview of your student’s progress can now also be tracked from Course / Progress page. You can see grades for all the tasks in your course along with averages for each assignment and course in total. Clicking on the Task title in the top row will lead you to a familiar grading experience where you can also see whether assignment was submitted and check all attachments students submitted.


If you would like to export grades to further processing in another system, you can now download a CSV or a plain text file from Progress / Export page. Note, that you can also include instructor’s feedback to the report file.

Please try these new changes on your courses in Eliademy and let us know your commennts. Remember to leave your vote for the next feature, it really counts.

Thank you for your ideas and truly helping us making Eliademy the best tool for online learning.

– Sergey Gerasimenko
Founder and CPO, CBTec