Anniina Karvinen: “ashtanga yoga is the most daring and adventurous journey”

Dreaming big since she was a little girl, Anniina Karvinen had very clear what she wanted to accomplish with her life. For the ones who know her or the ones who are reading her right now, you can clearly tell how passionate she is about the Ashtanga Yoga lifestyle, something that did not come right away, but grew on her as she started to discover that internal peace and balance for her mind, body and soul that some people might take too long to find.

Part of the Eliademy team had the pleasure to talk to her and why she wants to influence others to immerse into the world of Ashtanga. The more we knew about her and why Ashtanga is so important, the more we want to encourage people  to try it.


Besides the good vibes she irradiates when you talk to her, she had some things to tell about herself to make you understand her vision of life. Describing her as a person, Anniina says ‘Well I grew up in a small town in eastern Finland. Since I was a little girl I always dreamed of India and finally a year after high school I packed my bag and ended up spending 4 amazing years there. Currently I am living in beautiful Finland and finishing my business degree. When I’m not on the yoga mat I’m either with my camera somewhere or spending time with my friends. My motto could be: transform your to-do list into a ta-da! list :D”


Some things things arrive into our lives by destiny, other good things do not appear until we look for them, which is why we got curious about how she became familiar with Ashtanga, to which Anniina replied: “I was living in South India that time and decided to sign up for a 4 weeks yoga course. When I walked into the first class I could barely touch my toes and my hamstrings for sure had an opinion the next day. It was not love at first sight but I kept going since I was so hungry for a healthier and more relaxed me. And soon my life turned upside down. Not only did I start to feel physically good, but I also started to get answers to things I did not know I was asking”.

We believe that every person chooses a life career to accomplish something, to achieve certain goals. So we asked Anniina what would she like to accomplish through Ashtanga. She said: “I would say balance and not meaning a cool looking handstand during yoga practice. Balance means feeling good about myself and exploring life in every possible way, taking chances and experiencing it all with a solid peace inside even when life gets hectic and overwhelming at times. Yoga has given me strength and focus not to mention a huge smile on my face no matter the challenge ahead”.


Having found her true passion on Ashtanga, we asked her why she felt it was the right time to spread her knowledge to other through online education on Eliademy, to which she said: “I love sharing my practice to the ones who want to learn and do yoga. Life is filled with busy schedules and hectic days, not to mention the stress and body ache here and there caused by it.

The online yoga course gives you a chance to take time for yourself where ever you are. You get to choose the time and the place, learn the routine and enjoy yoga.”



If you are still hesitating about adopting this new lifestyle to benefit your mind and body through her course like Anniina did way back in India, you might want to read some extra words she had to say to us. “My course will give you the tools to take good care of yourself basically. If you really take upon the practice, ashtanga starts to detoxify your body and mind and you can say goodbye to tiredness and body ache. With a regular practice you will start feeling more powerful and relaxed at the same time. The benefits are endless once you just start to roll out your mat and start the journey”.

You might wonder what would you get from Yoga that you can not get from a gym r any other common workout routines. Anniina gave us a ver detailed explanation that made us wanting to grab the Yoga mat and start learning. “Going to the gym and running etc focuses usually on developing the muscles, to increase the heart rate and adrenaline (which stimulates the mind too), which causes a level of strain to your heart. Often the intake of oxygen is also not enough when you do very fast paced exercise. Yes your body will feel strong and your figure will be fit, but this doesn’t always mean you are entirely healthy.

Yoga regards the body as an instrument to be developed with a more holistic view: healthy internal organs, proper breathing, good food, enough rest and a concentrated and relaxed mind.

From a physical point of view, yoga heats up the body, uses the muscles and then stretches them forcing the blood flow easier. The inverted postures turn the circulation around when you are physically upside down. I could write a whole article on the health benefits once your brain and heart gets the increased blood flow.

Yoga also emphasizes the controlled long inhale and exhale to maximize the intake of fresh air and release the toxins out when we exhale long and slow.

Yoga affects your physical and mental health as a whole. Ashtanga might seem like a very physical type of yoga, but when you challenge yourself on the mat, you sweat and stretch, it all starts to open up your mind in the most amazing way, which I have never gotten from the gym or any other exercise forms I had tried”.



If you want to know more about Anniina, take a look at her Facebook page named “Yoga with Ann” or enrol into her wonderful course on Eliademy here.

When we asked for some last words, she closed by saying: “I cannot really explain what yoga is, it needs to be experienced all by yourself. To me, ashtanga is the most daring and adventurous journey and I could go on and on how good I feel, but the best way is to roll out the yoga mat and begin practicing it”.

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are” and you can start with only one click.