Elysia Edu: Incredible people, amazing stories and true passion for education

They say that the best fruit of the olive, which has the best properties, is not the one that is protected by the leaves, or the one that is easy to collect at the bottom… but the one that is on the top, exposed to the Sun and the wind. In 2008 the economic crisis began to take with it many jobs, one of them was “hers”. But far from feeling pessimistic, her feeling was “start again”.

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“Her” name is Victoria Fernández de Sevilla. She was born in Madrid, capital of Spain 44 years ago, and her biggest dream is to think that all that she have lived, all of her experiences, which are many… have served to implement and develop this channel in YouTube called Elysia Edu.

Elysia is an animal that is able to perform photosynthesis and includes it in its DNA to feeding on a specific algae. It does something wonderful, the horizontal transfer; take what you are interested in nature to assimilate it and change their way of life. It becomes an animal-plant.In the Elysia Edu channel they want to help spreaing the passion for teaching. Serve as a selfless help for everyone teaching enthusiasts who want to share their classes. There is nothing more contagious than to vibrate with what actually we like and education is “example and passion”.

The essence of Elysia Edu is that, to assist teachers, helping to create images and text to include in your video editing, uploading videos to Youtube, include good search tags, position them well. Also, if they wish, we offer the possibility of a course in the prestigious educational platform Eliademy.The courses they have made for Eliademy are based on the Spanish language, and in particular, grammar rules b/v and h.

The person who transmitted their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm is Josefina Jartín. Josefina, she was also born in Madrid, began her career at the age of 18 as a Secretary at a construction company, soon she left the office by what then appeared to be her vocation: become an actress. A few years later, trying to balance work with taking care of her children, found her true vocation: teaching.

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On education, she found her passion. Josefina’s experience on other fields helped her to feel more confident with her skills and helped her to enjoy more all of the benefits that the new job was offering. The loving and positive feedback from her students while acting firmly and caring, provided the greatest satisfactions.

Josefina has dedicated her activity as a teacher in several schools in Madrid, working with children from three to sixteen, also in adult schools and literacy. When Victoria suggested her to take part in the project, she had doubted of its possibilities. It wasn’t the same without students being actually present. Josefina timidly began to prepare a video and immediately realized that she was doing with such an illusion and effort to make the best out of her. Students were not there with her, but the message could reach anyone who needed it. A new enthusiasm and a new way to have students. Fortunately their courses grow in topics – always in number of students and Spanish – language. They have included exercises that have been widely accepted.

The student can perform interactive exercises in applications such as Tiny Tap or Penultimate, so students can have lots of fun while increasing their knowledge about grammar and spelling. You can also edit and share exercises and adapt them to your needs. The idea that they have in Elysia Edu is to be aligned with the future of education. Current technology are incredibly valuable tools but tablets may not serve much if you don’t have the right people behind it. Those people that only with their eyes, their smile, and their tone of voice, are able to transmit not only the content, but also the value of what it truly counts. The value of culture.People like Josefina and Victoria should populate internet more often.

The philosopher Plato opened the first Academy in the world. He did it at the base of an olive grove. Now, with the establishment of the internet in our lives, we not only have the pleasure of enjoying one person teaching us, but also we can and we must seek to “our special platters”, so that they transmit to us their passion and their teachings.

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They offer these courses of orthography of the Spanish language, learning essential content to use Spanish correctly.

“One of the things that we liked the most about Eliademy is its range of content and how well the student engages with forums, discussions, videos, images and news, anytime and from anywhere in the world. And all of this with an incredible simplicity”. We hope that you enjoy these courses of the Spanish orthography language, and with the simplicity of this animal named Elysia, you feed our particular algae: the enthusiasm, interest, satisfaction giving learn… thus becoming better people. You can enroll for free into Elysia Edu’s first 2 courses: Ortografía b/v and Ortografía h

We look forward!