Upload and store private videos on Eliademy

We have created Eliademy with a belief that instructors truly should be free to choose the way a course is taught. With functionality we have brought so far, you can create an amazing book-like course, upload unlimited amount of attachments, enrich your course with an online media and even integrate many learning applications.

Today, we are bringing another way you can deliver your course – with your own videos, securely stored in Eliademy and available only to your students.

From now on, each user of Eliademy will receive for free 1 Gigabyte of secure storage space to upload and store video content. Videos uploaded to Eliademy will be visible only to course participants and nobody else (unlike YouTube and Vimeo). This gives unlimited amount of possibilities, if you want to distribute confidential videos or deliver high quality commercial courses to your audience.

Video upload for email campaign

Recording a good quality video course is very simple and can be done even at home with a laptop camera or a mobile device. Some teachers already launched great courses on their own, like “Introduction to HTML 5“, “Ashtanga Yoga” or “App development with Qt“.

To share best practices with you, Eliademy team will launch several courses that will help you to learn about recording a live session or a screen capture, making storyboards, editing a video, removing background noise, setting up the correct lightning, and eventually making a great video course for your students.

Go ahead, record your course and upload it to Eliademy.

P.S. We would be happy to hear your ideas about how we can make Eliademy better for you. Please, visit Eliademy Ideas forum to suggest a new feature or vote on the upcoming ones.

– Sergey Gerasimenko
Founder and CPO, CBTec