Eliademy joins Diversity Charter Finland

Eliademy is one of the most diverse startups in Finland. Our team has 8 nationalities and great age/gender balance. 22 volunteers helped us to make localization to various languages. Our users are coming from 160 different countries. We support diversity that ensures equal opportunities, rights and treatment for all. Today we would like to make it official.


By joining Diversity Charter of Finland we promise to develop management and service practises in our own organisation. By doing so, we also strengthen our reputation as a responsible organization.

We offer equal opportunities

We ensure equal treatment and opportunities for all our employees, customers and partners, regardless of their age, sex, nationality, ethnic background, language, worldview, religion, health, disability, sexual orientation, political view, socioeconomic status, marital status, or any other quality, which may lead to discrimination.

We recognize and utilize individual knowhow and requirements

We strengthen inclusiveness in our organization: we strive to build corporate culture that is based on respect, fair treatment and mutual trust. We create procedures and working conditions that allow all employees to fully use their skills and knowledge and that support their wellbeing. In addition, we ensure that every customer gets the service or product requested. By recognizing the individual differences and the potential individuals have we will improve our operational capacity.

We have fair HR and customer relationship management systems

We set the goals for our diversity management work and define the actions to reach them. We evaluate and develop our procedures to pursue justice and equality. We maintain continuous dialogue with our stakeholders in order to respond to changes taking place in our operational environment. All our employees are allowed to fully utilize their individual capabilities, talents and skills. We continuously improve the availability and accessibility of both our products and services. As a result, our organizational competitiveness and productiveness will increase.

We communicate about our goals and achievements

We declare our diversity commitment in both our internal and external communications. Also, we openly communicate about our goals and achievements.

– Sergey Gerasimenko
Founder and CPO, CBTec