Sören Forsdal: Finding passion in Technology and inspiration to teach others

Continuing with this section where we get to know a bit more about our beloved instructors, we came across a very particular and original person who has found true passion on technology. Sören Forsdal saw an opportunity while facing a problem on creating his courses, and felt the need to teach everyone how to solve problems that might affect more often that you think when you want to create something with good quality.


Sören Forsdal was born in the country side, growing up in a farm helped him to be surrounded by a lot of equipment that he could always use to exploit his imagination, every single child’s dream. When we asked him a bit more about himself, he had quite a lot of interesting things to say: “Back then there was no computers or mobile phones. When I did start growing up I got more electronics in my life and on1979 I got my first contact with a computer. After that moment I knew what I wanted to do. So I started to use it as much I could, but it was in my school, so I could not use it as much I wanted”.

On 1980 he found himself immersed into the world of programming, field he has been working on ever since. “Of course I also start making music when I got my Atari 1040 STE.  Today it’s more easy to make music and you have so many things that can help you out. So I guess I am a person that always seeks things that give me more knowledge about stuff I see around me. I do not know how many computers I have built, but it’s hundreds of them. I even run my own BBS before the internet start be used by normal people. I also grew up close to an air field, as my father did work there. So of course I wanted to be a pilot. I almost got to be a fighter pilot. Well, I have glasses so its was clear that I never could be a fighter pilot. So it was one dream I never could follow”.


When he is not being a great father and spending time with his son, he looks for opportunities to teach others about things. His course about how to make high quality audio recordings came from a problem he faced while doing another course. “I was going to make a course about poker( I will do that later on), but so many people had problems with audio when they made voice over for videos. The voice over they do sounds very bad and I helped out as much I could. So I start thinking about a course that do teach you in a simple way how to get better audio recordings for your videos.

First I only focus on the microphone, but I did realize that there was much more that people could do to get better voice over in there audio recording. So I did take a look around me and used the knowledge I had from people I helped and made a course that do help out a lot to make better voice over in videos. All from choose the microphone to the environment you recording in. I also focus on the cost on things you need, so I also made some simple, but good things you could use to get the environment around your microphone better”.

If you want to learn about audio recordings and how to make it as good as a professional, plus getting personal guidance and coaching from Sören Forsdal through the course, then you are just one click away from enrolling and start learning here