Adam Crookes: Our brightest, youngest and most promising star on Eliademy

Currently studying secondary school at Stanchester Academy, Eliademy has the honor to introduce Adam Crookes, a very special instructor who has gotten our attention, not only for his talent, but also for reminding us that when you work with true passion on what you love, you can dream and be big, regardless your age.


1 year ago, Adam started coding and carrying on learning HTML language straight after the very basics of it, learning everything from his IT classes at his secondary school. Since that, this 13 year old rising star has started to put his skills to commercial use by creating websites for small businesses and organisations.

It might by hard at such a young age to know what you really want to do with your life, but for Adam, he has now started to build his own future with a very good knowledge about who he wants to be and what kind of person he wants to become. During the interview, Adam said “I think that to be able to have make a difference to an industry is a significant thing for anyone to achieve really. With this ever-expanding industry of coding/programming, I would really like to be a part of making a difference here. But also, to be able to teach others about things like coding within the industry is an important to do and a big goal for me, in order to enable this industry to grow and develop further, that is the way to get more people involved – to teach them”.

“That is the way to get more people involved… to teach them”. You might think that such incredible words only come from very mature people. Adam sees coding as his favourite hobby, and also enjoys the privileges of being a kid, having fun with his friends and family, whom have constantly shown how proud they are and give unconditional support. He also loves cycling, Photography and Football.


Adam has created a course about HTML5 that is currently available on the Eliademy course catalog for free. We were curious to know a bit more about his project, to which he commented: “People should enrol on my course as learning a coding language or developing your knowledge of a coding language is becoming even more essential in our time. Coding can be used in variety of ways, but one of the main purposes for coding is to create websites; and if you can do that without getting someone else to do it for you by knowing how to code, then it will be a lot more satisfying and cheaper. Also, our course is surprisingly free with a variety of content from PowerPoints, Help Sheets, Short Assessment and Extended Personalised Learning opportunities”.

Considering feedback a very important part of Eliademy, we wanted to ask him why he has chosen us as his main platform for his course, to which he commented: “Eliademy stands out from the rest, from signing up to publishing your course, everything is simple, effective and most importantly draws more people to your course in easier and better ways”.

From working with organisations and private companies to design their websites, to create his own HTML5 course, none of this would have been possible without the help, support and guidance of his parents, when we asked about them, Adam had some brief but sincere words for them: “They have both encouraged me and motivated me for the past year and a half with the web design business and have helped source clients who want websites, which I have now completed”.

To get to know a bit more about Adam, take a look at his course on Eliademy and enrol for free! Become the next rising star on the programming industry.

The Eliademy team congratulates Adam Crookes and his family, we are proud of being part of the development of a brilliant mind that hopefully will teach and guide others through the road of professional development.