CBTec Oy (Eliademy) selected as part of Sustainable Finland company list by FIBS

Corporate Responsibility Network FIBS, the leading non-profit corporate responsibility network in Finland that promotes financially, socially and ecologically sustainable business in Finland, has picked CBTec Oy, creator of Eliademy, as one of the most sustainable business and potential solutions to change the world through education.


The slogan “Democratizing Education with Technology” went from an ambitious dream of a startup created 2 years ago, to a noble, visionary cause that has proven to be solid, believable and supported all around the world, not only by beloved users, but also by important organizations like FIBS through incredible recognitions as this.

Now that we can officially say that we ARE a corporate social responsible business, the whole team of Eliademy is happy, overwhelmed and more motivated than ever. As we keep growing, we will build a more solid road towards the goal of bringing education to everyone, while we try to find the balance between the social and the profitable.


This is not the only recognition that CBTec has received as a company. During the last couple of months, we have been recognized as one of the most diverse companies in Finland. We believe that in order to live in a world where everyone has the right to get good education, we need to start from ourselves, and live in a multicultural environment that allows us to break barriers of communication, work culture and synergy between different countries.

Spreading joy all over the place, the Eliademy family is grateful to FIBS and everyone involved. We are extremely motivated to keep working with our beloved users constantly improving, growing and bringing online education to every corner of the world.

Thank you!