Debbie Corso: “I want you to know that you are NOT alone. You are a survivor. You are strong, and no matter what anyone says, you can get well”

Becoming great at something comes from studying and preparing yourself academically for the competitive and challenging professional world. However, you can teach, inspire and change people’s lives based on your personal experience. For this reason, the Eliademy team did not want to miss this opportunity to introduce you a very particular and inspirational person: Debbie Corso.

Take a moment and read about how she has been able to help many people based on her own experience with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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Writer, singer, yoga student and animal lover. There are a lot of qualities to describe such an amazing person. When she is not volunteering for an organization the helps homeless cats, she likes to spend time with her two furry felines, gather with friends and immerse into the Netflix world, watching incredible shows like “Orange is the New Black”. Debbie truly appreciates the company of her friends and beloved ones.

During an interview with her, we had the chance to ask some questions to Debbie and realized what motivates her to work hard for online education and for her very popular blog named “Healing from BPD” . “I have been an online instructor for about a year and a half now. I primarily work with people from all around the globe who consider themselves to be emotionally sensitive, who have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Bipolar, or any other emotion regulation issues. This career path came about as a result of my own personal healing journey and recovery from BPD. After two years of intensive participation in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – a set of skills that helps emotionally sensitive people with a variety of emotion dysregulation issues to learn how to better manage emotions and build lives that are truly worth living – I no longer met the criteria for BPD diagnosis! “

For Debbie, who happily lives a vegetarian and occasionally vegan life, helping others gave her all the motivation she needed to keep going. “I became so impassioned to encourage others that they, too, could change their lives by learning and applying these skills.  That’s when I began teaching online and realized that this was my way to give back and make a living doing something that really matters. I now have students and friends from around the world that I get to watch blossom and grow as they empower themselves to change their lives. I provide the framework, and they do all of the hard work”.

Her blog, “Healing from BDP” has recently reacher over 1 million visits, to which she comments: “Sometimes it is surreal to believe how much meaning I was able to find in my personal suffering. Instead of being defeated, I worked to find a way to help many, many others.  It’s very rewarding work all around! “. She has also been featured in Psychology Today Magazine, as a subject on the important documentary “Border“, as a speaker at Berkeley CBT Clinic, at the National Alliance of Mental Illness in Massachusetts, and many more.

When we asked her about her current activities, she did not hesitate to let us know that this is a very busy field that she enjoys every day. “In addition to the DBT skills I’ve been teaching, this summer I am launching a new online course for women who want to work to release self-destructive behaviors and stop self-sabotaging their lives (in relationships, at work, with money). This e-course evolved out of personal experience, determination, and overcoming. It’s the best place from which to teach with authenticity. It is open to all women ready to work on these issues. There isn’t a a requirement to have any mental health issues to attend. For those interested in this upcoming course, there is a sign up page for more information at , and, like my other courses, it will be held at Eliademy.”

Although we wanted to make our interview longer, we only had the chance to ask Debbie some last words for her potential new students. “If you’re ready to make changes in your life… if you’re in a need of a little guidance, inspiration, and motivation from someone who has been there and understands what it is like to be right where you are, I invite you to enroll in a course with me. You can do so from anywhere in the world. In addition to your ecourse in Eliademy, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook group that will allow you to connect with peers from around the world who are working right alongside you. It is truly a place of community and support, and it can also help with feeling less alone.”

“Stay positive. We, human beings, are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for… we can and do overcome, and we can build the lives we want to live.  I look forward to having you in class!”
Thank you Debbie, we are honoured to be part of your journey.