Eminus Academy: Brighter and sustainable future for the youth of Africa through online education

We at Eliademy are proud to present the collaboration we have with Eminus Academy. Cherie Enns, an associate professor at the University of Fraser Valley, and Eric Luguya, program officer for the Youth Unit at UN-Habitat are both part of the team who took a giant leap towards making education accessible for everyone using Eliademy’s platform and funding from BASF foundation.

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On a flight from Addis Abeba to Toronto Cherie realized the international education still made a difference when talking to the youth on the plane. As a reaction to the realisation she worked with student interns to found Eminus Academy, a series of online courses taught using Eliademy and mobile devices. The academy was created with a goal to improve the lives of youth across the globe through accessible education and training towards positive social, environmental and economical changes. Eminus goal is complemented nicely by Eliademy’s mission of “democratizing education with technology” and addresses the raising difficult and unequal situation we are facing in the future. Only in Africa there are approximately 200 million youths living in poverty and 130 of these people are illiterate. By providing people with good knowledge we automatically give people tools to control ones surrounding and give them the power to affect one’s future. With Eminus Academy youths in isolated areas have the chance to a higher education giving them a better chance to make their way out of poverty.


The trial course was held in the spring of 2014 with 40 participants and 15 graduates with 12 different nationalities. When the graduates finished the courses they were asked if they would like to continue learning with Eminus Academy and Eliademy. All answered that they are interested in further education using Eminus and Eliademy. Today they are working on developing and creating a second stage to the education due to the great response and results from the previous trials. The new courses will focus more on social responsibility, community and communal learning and be less about the individuals. The courses held in the second trial are courses on topics that were desired by the students and will focus on amongst other urban gardening, urban planning, project evaluation and management.

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Using Eliademy for a project such as Eminus Academy is not only one of the most efficient way to school people but it also gives your cause and organisation a new way to promote your activities. Both Eric and Cherieat Eminus Academy have been very pleased with the service Eliademy provided them and are planning to grow and develop together with Eliademy in the future. According to Eric Luguya, Eliademy was used for the program because “it provided us (Eminus Academy) with the best and easiest way to use a platform for our instructors and students together…I would definitely recommend it to others, because it is a good platform to use and interactive for all groups”.

Did the article provoke your interest? Would you like to have a similar success story up your sleeve? Maybe you should try Eliademy too! We like to welcome new non-governmental organisations and non-profit organisations to work with as a part of our work as a social enterprise.

Are you interested in sponsoring student social enterprise initiatives or working with Eminus Academy? Get in contact with Cherie Enns, email: eminusacademy@gmail.com or look for Eminus Academy on facebook.