Tips and tricks on how to embed a Google Form to your course

Many of you have been asking how you can embed a Google Form to your Eliademy course. Here you have some simple step for step explanation on how you embed a form to your course.

Google form

  1. Create a Google Form and be sure to think of having the participants enter their name and organisation.
    1. Tips:
      i.    Remember to add a field for participants’ names if the answers are individual.
      ii.     Avoid long surveys, use page breaks. It will look better in the course.
  1. When your survey is ready, press “send to” in the upper right corner.
  2. Next to the URL there is a button called “embed”, press that. Copy the given link.
  3. Go to your Eliademy course and press edit on the lesson to which you want to add the form and open <source>.
  4. Paste the link where you want the form to be placed.
  5. Change “width” to 100% for the best outlook.
  6. Exit the script and press save. 

Here you find further information in case you run into problems. You can of course also contact our support with any of your questions. Keep up the good learning!