Chiriboga Green Project Foundation: “We hope to keep using Eliademy for the education and future of my country”

Since Eliademy was launched on 2013, we have been amazed about how many people have been able to use the platform to bring education to others. The Chiriboga Green Project Foundation has now a special place in our minds, since they have proved to us that no matter the limitations that you have, when it comes to education, there will always be a solution about how to make things even better.

Chiriboga Project is based in Ecuador, and it is a non-profit organization that creates projects to save and defend the ecosystem with the main mission of help improving the life conditions of Ecuadorian people through education, international volunteering and environmental awareness. 

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We had the opportunity to interview one of the hard worker representatives of Chiriboga Project, Mrs. Pilar Mueses Endara. She is a retired tourist guide and works at the organization most of her time. We asked her how the idea of this project came out, to which she replied: “When we decided to create this green project on a property that used to belong to my grandfather, we realized that we couldn’t do it alone, and that is why we had the idea to create this foundation”.

After creating Chiriboga, they spent the first years working on the field thanks to dedicated volunteers, who were constantly asking for more opportunities and time to learn, have fun and contribute. “It was very hard for me to work on this volunteering field because it was new to me, but the constant interchange with young people gave me a chance to feel alive in my life one more time and the opportunity to watch their growth through non-formal education” says Pilar.

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Chiriboga has grown stronger, and more passionate about their future projects, but never forgetting what they truly want to accomplish. We had to ask Pilar about her current and future activities, to which she has replied “We are teaching english for free to the schools that we help with the contribution of the international volunteers from Germany and other countries. Also, we are building and big room to start giving conferences about the importance of the Foggy Forest and the execution of the Introduction Seminars, Intermediate  and Final Evaluation of the volunteers that go for 1 year to Ecuador. At the same time, all of our efforts are towards the protection and conservation of the Chiriboga Project Reserve that contains flora and fauna who are in danger of extinction”.

But there is more. After seeing the success of teaching english to the kids on these very little schools, they visualized that they were able to do even more. “When we saw that constant fieldwork was too hard for the volunteers during the workcamp, we divided the project on 2 phases. The first phase was going to be at the workcamp, and the second is mostly focus on teaching basic english, which was very well received  and worked as an opening window to start teaching basic German. This has been very helpful since the schools have very few teachers or none at all. Everything worked out for the best”.

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After learning so much about this project and listening how can one person speak with so much passion about what she loves, we had to ask how can a platform like Eliademy fits into their projects. For our surprise, Chiriboga project will use the platform to train all of the international volunteers that are going to help there, explaining everything about the Chiriboga Project and what the action plan is for each one of them. This way, the volunteers are already prepared for their responsibilities regarding the workcamp and teaching. Also, they are planning to involve Eliademy even more and taking it into the classrooms. “This will be a wonderful opportunity to improve the schools, since the volunteers will have a very useful tool for teaching basic English and German to the children and maybe even to teenagers during high school, since we support them as well”.

Happiness was all over the place during this interview, and for us, it warmed our hearts when we heard these words coming out of Mrs. Pilar “To me it was such a surprise to know that there are organizations like Eliademy, that are willing to help others without asking for anything back. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart that you have chosen to help us improve the conditions of these schools, or at least the ones who have access to internet”.

Official thanks to Chiriboga Green Project for believing in our cause and help us change lives through education. If you are interested on becoming a volunteer for them, you can contact Chiriboga and join their Facebook group to hear the experiences of people who have been there, and to take a look at amazing pictures of what it feels like living among such a beautiful nature that you will help to maintain with your contribution.

Also, visit Eliademy to visualize your own way of helping others through the power of education.

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“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”