Eliademy gets better certificate sharing, full forum moderation and more

Eliademy Team just released a new update with the following improvements:

  • We noticed that you really like Eliademy Certificate of Completion, and we have made certificate sharing on social networks even easier. Now students can preview and share Certificates directly from course page.
  • Teachers can upload a second course picture, which will be displayed in “My courses” pages and make it easer to choose the right course. As before, we will automatically generate a thumbnail based on your course background picture.
  • Teachers can now moderate forum discussions.
  • Students will not get any notifications about Teacher’s activity in hidden tasks or topics.
  • Teachers can conduct course during specific time or make it a “self-paced” course.
  • To make navigation easier on “My Courses” page, we have added a course number indicator for your Teaching, Studying and Completed views.
  • Eliademy course catalog got an improved navigation model, we hope this will help you to discover courses faster.

Thank you for letting us spot all these imperfections and make Eliademy better for you. Let us know more via support.eliademy.com.

Sergey Gerasimenko
Co-founder and CPO, CBTec