Keep in touch with your alma mater on Eliademy

Have you ever wonder what has been going on in your alma mater after you graduated?

Eliademy recently partnered with Aalto University School of Economics, Mikkeli Campus to launch their student Bulletin online. Mikkeli Campus houses the one and only International Business program of the university and has been known for its cultural diversity, academic excellence and tight-knit community.

Students there frequently keep up with what’s going on on campus through their student Bulletin, a magazine completely designed, authored and produced by the students. It’s educational, entertaining, and personal. It captures the vibe (or the swag, I’m sure they’d prefer) of this unique student community.

As the world of publishing is moving towards the realm of digital presentation, the Editor-in-Chief, Bruno P. Jacobsén, started thinking about revitalizing the beloved Bulletin by making an online, cloud-based version of it. We, who work to democratize education with our cloud-based digital classroom, could certainly appreciate his vision, therefore we worked together with Mr. Jacobsén and the student board, Probba Oy, to launch the online Bulletin in September.

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On Eliademy, a student body publication is

Fresh. You can expect more frequent articles and conversation related to the topics, compared to a physical media.

Collaborative. Any student can contribute his or her own pieces on Eliademy, as Eliademy allows multiple editors to manage the content.

Adaptable. The content could be easily edited anytime you like. It’s no different from working on Google Docs or Evernote and for the editor, a much less stressful experience compared to working on a static media.

Ubiquitous. No matter where you are or how long you have left your campus, you can keep in touch with your college and classmates on a browser.

Versatile. You can use video, audio, links, forums and other applications to create a more immersive and attractive experience for your readers.

Social. If you choose to make the bulletin available to the public, you can invite friends from other campuses or universities to your bulletin and showcase the best of your school.

Educational. There are plenty of free and premium courses on the platform. Once you finish reading your school’s publication, you can always visit the course catalog and see if there is anything useful to you academically or professionally.

Cost-free. Using Eliademy to host your publication is completely free. Pay us back by connecting with more and sharing with more.

If you think your student body could benefit from such a good online publication tool, drop us a line and we will be glad to chat. But for now, enjoy the very first Bulletin on Eliademy.