Introducing the Slush Edutech: the opportunity for companies who work on education to meet higher demands

Helsinki, 24 October, 2014 – Slush introduces the Edutech stage program which will take place November 18 & 19 in Helsinki, Finland, and which will focus on the massive growth opportunity for companies. The event will combine inspiring stories from both edtech startups and educators.

The Edutech market is the fastest growing market in education, standing at over $91bn globally with a growth trajectory of over 20% per annum until 2017.

During the Slush Edutech session, everything from elementary school education to higher education and professional learning will be discussed by people working in edutech. In this sector is full of opportunities. The event will attract attention to the field and inspire people regardless whether they are already working in the sector or not.

After Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka opens the session, Slush will bring in teachers, edutech entrepreneurs and leading investors. Here’s a close-up look into some of the speakers working in K-12 education.

Learning digitalized

One of the most visible trends in the change of education is the swift move from print to digital content, from lecture halls to group work and interactive learning, and from teacher-driven education to student-centered learning.

In the city of Kaarina in Finland, the Piikkiö school decided to put a ban on books and switch to tablets. The principal Marko Kuuskorpi is worried about how education is lagging behind other parts of society and not utilizing tools the use of which comes naturally to children. According to Kuuskorpi, adding touchpads to classes gets kids more motivated and is beneficial to their learning results. Based on this experience, he will talk at Slush about what schools need from edutech startups.

Srini Swaminathan is a teacher who wants to bring tech to students in a low-resource setting. Swaminathan is from India and grew up in a low-income family. A scholarship provided him with an education (a degree in engineering) and he currently teaches children dealing with poverty by using different kinds of learning apps. In this video, Swaminathan shares his views on the role of technology in class.

Edutainment in Africa

Ubongo, a Tanzanian company, is using technology to make education more entertaining. Ubongo offers educative cartoons that are televised to over a million households in East Africa, making it easier for kids to learn math. Children are motivated by learning through stories and songs, and they can interact via text messages to get feedback on their answers from the cartoon characters. We are looking forward to learning more about scaling an edutechstartup in Africa from Doreen Kessy, the COO of Ubongo.

In addition to K-12 education, Slush Edutech is about investment opportunities, professional learning, and the changing role of universities.

Find out more on the Edutech site and register here with this discount code EDUTECHSLUSH

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