The latest product and policy updates from Eliademy

We launched Eliademy just a bit over a year ago with a mission to provide a simple online course management tool for instructors. Since then, Eliademy has grown a lot: the platform is now used in 30 languages by people from 160 different countries, and was just recently selected by EdTec Europe as one of top 20 fastest growing and most innovative e-learning companies.

We could not have done this without you and thousands of other instructors who have chosen Eliademy. As you might have noticed, we have started to collect and publish the best courses in Eliademy Catalog, so that students from all over the world can discover them and learn something new.

From Friday 31st of October, the basic information about all courses with enrollments will be visible in Eliademy Catalog. These courses will be indexed by search engines, and the whole planet will have a chance to know that you help making the world a better place through teaching. As an instructor, you still have the full control on who gets the access to course content, tasks, quizzes and discussion board.

If you would prefer to keep your courses completely private, please upgrade your account to Eliademy for Business. You can find more information about upgrade process in Eliademy FAQ. Lastly, a kind reminder: Eliademy for Business has been and will remain free for any non-commercial educational usage.

We sincerely hope that these changes will not affect the way you work on Eliademy, and you will continue to create great courses. Like always, we’ve got more exciting product news coming. Please keep your eye on the Eliademy Blog or follow @eliademy. Thanks for using Eliademy!