Eliademy launches webinars to bring online tutoring to every corner of the world

Eliademy is taking one big step further to democratize education with technology. Now we invite you to go beyond with webinars to engage, share and spread knowledge through real time online video tutoring.

Live intro

This new functionality, available only on the Premium version of Eliademy, compiles the efficiency of real time video and voice tutoring, with instant messaging, desktop sharing and the interaction of a common classroom where Instructors can provide knowledge to multiple students or one to one private sessions at the same time.

Let’s take a look at the main features:

  • Online video tutoring. With a personal touch for online education, students and Instructors can share their webcams, adding Live Tutoring a small personal touch to make the whole learning environment more joyful and realistic.
  • Desktop and presentation sharing. While showing content to your student, you can write over your content to express an idea or some spontaneous suggestions that comes out while you interact with others. You can also upload and share your presentations and annotate documents.
  • Control your Classroom. As an instructor, when you handle multiple students, you can control which one of them is able to speak by activating or muting their microphones, guaranteeing total calmness and control over your class.
  • Chat with your class. Built-in chat allows you to share links easily with whole group or have a private communication with certain students.
  • Charge for enrollments. With Eliademy payment gateways you will be able to charge charge for your Tutoring time, or do it completely for free.

This new functionality, is available only for Eliademy Premium members. If you represent a non-profits or a public academic institutions your account can be upgraded for free (simply contact us at support@eliademy.com).

Excited? Join our instructors online in free course “Real time education” that covers all new functionality. go beyond