Lemania College, from Lausanne Switzerland, starts using Eliademy as an online tool for the classroom


Over 100 years of Swiss excellence in the field of education. Lemania College was founded in 1908 by Dr. Paul Du Pasquier, giving the opportunity to young people who decided late to study and get prepared for the official exams of Swiss Federal Maturité (High School Diploma). After the first thirteen candidates succeeded, the word about its efficiency spread and it started to become what it is today: one of the top schools around Switzerland.

Sébastien Morard, DP Coordinator of Lemania College in Lausanne, Switzerland, has praised Eliademy, claiming to be “very impressed by the ease of use. As I am not an IT guy at all, I rapidly learned how to use it and it saved me a lot of time. Please keep it as user-friendly as possible” .

Morad is already using Eliademy, and now he will start enjoying all the Premium features that we give to non-profit organizations and educational institutions, like unlimited video storage, live sessions, among others.

“It makes my life a lot easier while teaching my students and the best part is that they love it. We are still in the learning process but I can really tell you that I appreciate the possibility to give them all the documents we talk about in class through this medium and to receive their tasks through Eliademy as well”.

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