Eliademy is greatly improved for the new study term!

During December 2014, we have concentrated all our efforts on making Eliademy better for the new study term. We have collaborated with many teachers to identify improvement areas and come up with a great solutions. There are lots of improvements we have made, and here are the most important ones:

  • We optimized initial Eliademy loading time for users with large amount of courses (it is 2-3 times faster if you have more than 10 courses)
  • We improved reliability and user experience when submitting text assignments especially with multiple attachments
  • We improved user experience on completing quizzes
  • We added additional logic for the situations where teacher needs to update a Task or a Quiz with already received answers (please lear more here)
  • We improved Time zone settings across all platform to make sure students see all events correctly
  • We have added code highlighting tool for all teachers who teach programming courses
  • We implemented one-time invitations for all private course – to make sure only invited person can enroll your course securely
  • We updated UI layout for your open courses – to make it easier for students to find and enroll (please remember to update your bio)
  • We improved overall user experience for all purchases on Eliademy – making it simpler and clearer
  • We added processing of all major debit and credit cards for all commercial courses

We really would like to thank all teachers, instructors and students who helped us to find these imperfections and make Eliademy better.

As always, we are looking forward to hear from you at support@eliademy.com and extremely excited about all new features we have planned together with you for 2015.

All the best in the New Year!

DSC_4873– Sergey Gerasimenko, co-founder & CPO