New MooC for Finnish teachers on how to use iPads in Education

Tero Toivanen is a Finnish teacher with passion in music & arts, works for Kilonpuiston koulu (school) in Finland. He lived many years in Santiago de Cuba and currently he is teaching autistic pupils.

He is part of the best educational system of the world, the Finnish system, and he has something to share with the rest of world.

Tero fell in love with Eliademy at first sight, he liked the functionality and the capability to create MooCs with few clicks so he gathered few more teachers and created a new MooC project in order to teach other teachers on how to bring technology into their classroom.

We at Eliademy promised to support him unconditionally and encourage him to utilise our newly released LIVE functionality as part of his course.

We believe that teachers like Tero can bring change into our world, by altruistically share their knowledge or by selling it at a fair price. There are plenty of unknown teacher stars out there and Eliademy wants to bring the spot light on them, the teachers – our unknown heroes.

Welcome Tero!