Haaga Helia helps Eliademy to grow


Through education, research and development, HAAGA-HELIA prepares professionals for business and services. They offer students a versatile choice of studies, great opportunities for specialisation, high-quality education in Finnish and English, and wide business networks even during the studies.

They have approximately 10 500 students and almost 700 employees base.

Eliademy and Haaga Helia cooperation started back in 2012 in an underground bunker.
Through a series of co-creation workshops Eliademy team had access to students and teachers in order to build and create a new modern Moodle interface.

Haaga Helia Directors, Program Directors and Lecturers supported Eliademy in every single step taken and the first Pilot of the “Magic Moodle User Interface” started with almost 600 users.

One of the first observations made was that on average a typical Moodle user spent 1 min and 30 sec per day into their existing system and we decided to change that by increasing the engagement of the students to their learning platform. The pilot successfully increased the engagement to stunning 15 min per session during those 6 months.

After the successful Pilot, Haaga Helia decided to utilise the commercial service of Eliademy and currently are running 100s of courses, with 1000s of students in their private Eliademy account. Few of their courses are also listed publicly as well.

We are more than grateful to Jouni Ahonen, Teemu Kokko, Ascencao Mario Passos, Mia Tarhanen and to the President of Haaga Helia Ritva Laakso-Manninen for their unprecedented and unconditional support.

The story of Eliademy started from that Bunker inside Haaga Helia and we believe that this university will bring out more successful start ups in the years to come.