Eliademy weekly update

Greetings from Finland!

During the past week we have improved the following in Eliademy:

  • Attaching pictures from iPad camera gallery on course discussion board is fixed.
  • Performance of changing settings on all courses is improved
  • It is again possible to trigger certificate of completion issue manually (please also see short tutorial here)
  • Unnerving students from Participants or Admin/User Management screen now requires explicit confirmation

We also got 2 new volunteer contributors for German and French versions on Eliademy. You can expect big update for those translation during next week. Remember that it is very easy to contribute localization and get Eliademy working in your language – just visit translate.eliademy.com.

Don’t forget to let us know about any issues you notice and please do vote for the next feature at Ideas forum. So far we have delivered over 75% of the requested functionality, so go ahead and be creative!