Do you know what we really Love?

Do you know what empowers Eliademy?

The passion of the founders, investors, employees, partners and volunteers that share the same vision as us: “democratise education with technology” or simply put – making education available to all people.

Eliademy, Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy and numerous other initiatives, like the the great library of Alexandria from the past, are making education and knowledge available to all, but for the different reasons. We don’t believe a business model should stand in the way of any educational initiative.

We are the only start up from Finland that accepted the United Nation Global compact constitution and Millennium targets. We have a social responsibility policy and a social contract with our user. You can learn more about it at

Yes, we are very unconventional startup, and we are very proud of it.

The 2015 targets are:

  • Educate 1 Million people all over the world for free;
  • Invest 25% of our profit in a project that develops community;
  • Receive environmental certification;
  • Implement relevant training for all of our employees, partners and investors on the effects of our good work in order to keep them motivated and focused on our mission.

For this, we do need your help – spread the message of Eliademy and together we have a change to make the world a bit better for for our kids. Today we are a humble voice, tomorrow the rest will follow us.