Eliademy weekly update

Greetings Eliademy users!

During past week we have improved the following in Eliademy:

  • We added live chat support to our website as one of our customer support methods – simply click on the window in the bottom right corner to get help in real time. We are testing the capability right now, and online chat will be available only few hours per day.
  • Students can add and remove attachment on already created forum posts
  • Course progress indicator is updated reliable every time task or quiz is completed
  • Teacher can see email address of the students in CSV export file with course progress
  • All grades on Progress page are shown as reference to 100%.

Don’t forget to let us know about any issues you notice and please do vote for the next feature at Ideas forum. We are relying on your help to add new localizations Eliademy, if you have a minute of free time, please volunteer!

  • Dmitry Nosov

    Sergey, you’d better take some English classes 🙂 “We have added live chat” and “During the past week” are gramatically incorrect to me.

    • Sergey Gerasimenko

      Thanks a lot Dmitry! As you might have guessed English is hardly our mother tongue. If you will stop any other grammar mistakes, please let us know.

      • teladesor

        Hi Sergey –

        I’d like to contact you regarding Metida certificates. I think I see potential for our companies working together. Please contact me. Thanks, Ted