Who designs the future of Education? Cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence and beyond

Hello Humans,

During the last 2 years, Eliademy was part of the largest Research project of Finland. The objective? To research and prototype new technologies around health, education and banking under the auspices of Digile Digital Services. Digile is a 18 million euro per year project funded by Nokia, Kone, 200 small medium business and the Government of Finland.


The project delivered 100s of research papers, patents and also commercial software and services. Eliademy was Program managing the largest Educational project for 2 years, in cooperation with Nokia, University of Tampere, VTT and other organizations. Now, this project is coming to an end and lots of innovations will appear at the market place. Watch out for innovation coming from the best of Finland. Eliademy will bring few during February that will shake a bit or a lot the establishment with fresh thinking and disruptive technology.

Today we had a foresight workshop for the 2016 to 2019 time period and we are happy to announce the focus areas. Artificial intelligence, human machine interaction, robotics and the ethical chip will dominate our future.

We had inspirational speakers from all around the globe, but most interesting was the presentation of the so-called first Cyborg human being. Disabled with color blindness at birth, Neil Harbisson described how he successfully integrated an antenna to his brains in order to convert color to sound. In this way he was able to hear color and finally see the colors around him.

Scientists, professors and business man and woman got excited by his sense of humour and the extra ability to compose and play music by eating his Greek salad or by just looking at his cloths.

Eliademy CEO took the stand to sympathize on his natural disability and praised his courage to incorporate new technology in order to increase his standard of living. At the same time he requested that research should focus not only on artificially increasing human ability but create the ethical codes and limits on how much we should transform our human bodies in the near future. It was announced that Eliademy team will be part of the new research program and maybe even take the lead in some areas on how AI and robotics could be integrated with applications or directly to the human body.

Our believe stands firm, human race needs to evolve by mastering technology, and not by becoming slaves of the technology that we produce. Based on this principle we, are more than happy to join this new cutting edge research area and define the future together with our Finnish and international partners.

Transfer of knowledge like in the Matrix film might be just around the corner and Eliademy wants to be on the front of this research. We will be updating you on our focus areas, our principles and in transperant way ask for your opinion. You can tell us about what to research or build next by voting. We want to hear your fears and hopes about the future of technology in the area of education and as magicians bring those to you. Probably for free, at least we will try.

Finally we want to thank the Digile CEO Reijo Paajanen, Digile CTO Pauli Kuosmanen, Nokia Director of Corporate strategy Roope Takala, distinguished Professor Roope Raisamo for the 2 good years of cooperation, coaching and support. We are grateful to you and to your teams for supporting Eliademy research efforts.