KSL Study Centre (Finland) is using Eliademy


The KSL Study Centre is an adult education institution. It is maintained by KSL Civic Association for Adult Learning, a private non-governmental organisation established in 1964 as “an association of associations”. They have 15 member organisations and about 130 other partner organisations, e.g. trade unions, the Left Alliance (party) and various cultural, social and sports associations.

They organise yearly about 40 000 training hours in non-formal adult education activities (courses) and study circles.  The courses and study circles vary from cultural studies to learning civic skills or organisational soft skills. The courses and study circles are taken to where people are: in their own organisations, in training centres and communities. Besides this, they organise vocational further training e.g. in social entrepreneurship, handcraft, logo art, ICT skills and coaching (the International Coaching Certification).

We welcome them to Eliademy family of educational institutions and encourage to utilise the live conferencing functionality, simple course editor and digital certificates in order to provide digital learning to their members.

Your organisation as well can get the benefits of Eliademy online classroom, you can try out the Premium version here. If you are an NGO, publicly funded organisation or at need we will upgrade you promptly for FREE.