Eliademy at the National Training Event for Student Counselors (Finland)

UEF_eng_vaaka_1_blackThe University of Eastern (UEF) Finland organized last week a national training event for Student Counselors. The event was held in Joensuu, a nice Finnish city close to the Russian border and included several lectures and an amazing amount of workshops.

600 participants were free to choose out of 20 workshops, and over 75 people choose to learn and participate on a workshop on “How to use Eliademy” in their schools and as part of their counseling work.

More that 80% of the participants found Eliademy a service worth to explore and use more in the future. We are very satisfied with the results because it comes from the teachers that have created the best educational system in the world, the Finnish system.

The organizer of the event, Lecturer Visa Tuominen (PhD), who works for The University Teacher Training School at the UEF, told us:

“The amount of compulsory student counseling will double in Finnish upper secondary schools in 2016. I cannot see that the amount of personnel could be doubled in such a time. Eliademy could be an answer how we could put at least some of the course contents on-line as Eliademy is easy to learn and use. Most of the participants in the workshop seemed to share that idea.”


This is a real life example on how Eliademy speeds up the transformation of education here in Finland, by supporting the distribution and dissemination of information to teachers.

Eliademy team also found the efforts of Visa Tuominen and his team a case of an example for others, on how teachers embrace the new tools in order to accelerate a change in their working environment.

We are grateful to him and to his team for letting us visit the high quality facilities of University of Eastern Finland and also for becoming spontaneously an unofficial ambassador for change and Eliademy.

The awakening has started, join us and use Eliademy Premium available for public funded Universities for free.