Happy birthday Eliademy! 2 years of an amazing journey

An open letter to our friends, partners and users of Eliademy.

Greetings from Finland!

11th of February is a special day throughout the history – Yalta agreement was signed on this day, Nelson Mandela was freed from jail and Eliademy was launched exactly 2 years ago. Today, I am, Sotiris Makrygiannis, celebrating together with my co-founder Sergey Gerasimenko, our fantastic team and all our friends and families 2nd year of this amazing journey.


Our journey to “democratize education with technology” started on February 11 2011 when Nokia announced cancellation of super phone called MeeGo in favor of Windows Phone. Just over night, me and most of the Eliademy team realized we would have to leave the company to follow our dream. The dream was to build special products; the ones that are loved by people from all over the world and solving very big problems like “connecting people”.

Building software and hardware for phones is a complex job, sometimes compared to engineering a spacecraft. With millions of lines of code, logistical challenges and business agreements. But at the end of the day – customer gets a box with a little green button and  can simply press and call.

We saw similar complexities and challenges on the educational market and decided that from now on we will help to educate people, instead of just connecting them.

Over the past 2 years, we spoke at various events about threats and opportunities that we see with the digitalization of education and very quickly we rose and made Eliademy an international brand. We also simplified overcomplicated Moodle interface down to an intuitive solution where any educator can create a course in minutes. But we didn’t stop there, we put a lot of effort to answer every single question from our community to make sure they get the best experience possible. The results speak for themselves on Eliademy Testimonials page.

One year ago, on 11th of February 2014, we launched our public course catalogue. Today it has over 2500 public courses available and on average 3 new course are created every hour!

In August 2014 we introduce the digital certificates and within 6 months our users have shared over 15.000 certificates in LinkedIn. By end of this year we will be issuing more course completion certificates than all Scandinavian universities combined.

I can share more numbers to demonstrate the loyalty of our community, the social good that we are doing in cooperation with NGOs and other non-profit organizations but I will let you to read those on our daily blog posts and newsletters.

As the CEO of a company that was started by few people looking for a new hope, I can be absolutely happy that together we have created a service that we are truly proud of.

Thus, on behalf of the entire Eliademy team and our partner network we are saying Thank You and Happy Birthday Eliademy!

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Sotiris Markygiannis