Weekly Product Update

This week’s update has focused largely around improving email invitation and notifications experience. In particular, we’ve:

  • Simplified email invitation text and added clearer instructions on accepting invitations
  • Improved reliability of forum updates notifications. If you set your email preferences to “instant” you will get a notification about activity on forum within minute
  • Updated algorithm of student’s progress calculation. If you have hidden tasks on the course – they will be counted towards student’s progress.
  • Added FAQ section for Eliademy Premium and added an easy way to ask for a free non-commercial educational use.


In addition, Eliademy is fully available in French language now. Our biggest thank you goes to Céline Denoual and every volunteer who helped this happen. Remember, you can help translating Eliademy to your language via our public portal translate.eliademy.com.

We also got 2 fantastic feedback messages that really mean a lot to our team:

User friendly. Simple. Flexible. I’m not a programmer, I’m an instructor. Thank you for letting me do my job by doing so well at yours!

Kim Radomske, Medical Doctor Assistant, Canada

I have been Eliademy now for three years in my online course. I like specially the visual layout of the course structure. I have got good feedback of that from students as well. The program is also easy to use both from teachers and students point of view. Videos and links are directly visible and it is easy to see the course structure.

Susanna Fabricius, Instructor, Finland

We really appreciate your feedback!