Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons

Eliademy started with a mission to democratize education with technology. How do you democratize education on a global scale? There are multiple paths that one can take but some basics need to be there. One of them is the availability of ready materials and educational resources that teachers can easily take into use.CC at

Currently most of our school books are copyrighted materials of big publishing companies but this is about to change in the coming years. With the introduction of tablets and phones in the classroom no one will need a printed book in the classroom. Within the next decade everybody will be using digital courses and computing devices in the classroom, and the old-fashioned books will disappear as an item for display in museums of ancient history together with the Rosetta stone and papyrus. We must eliminate the usage of printed books from the classroom because is also the most ecological thing that we can do in order to save the rain forests.

So how do we make millions of existing books and materials available digitally? The answer is simple: we crowdsource them! 

Today we are happy to announce that Eliademy gives the opportunity to teachers worldwide to make their course materials available for copying/modification in order to be improved and reused by the 10.000s of teachers that are using our Service. From now on any teacher can decide if he wants to keep his course material copyrighted or use Creative Commons license to allow other teachers to use the material for non commercial purposes and therefore create an OER (Open Educational Resource).

OER at Eliademy How will it work? What is the benefit for you?

Imagine that you need to create materials for your upcoming course but you have limited time. Now you will be able to search and find an OER course contributed by another teacher, take it for private usage, modify it to fit your specific classroom needs and start your course by reusing the materials of somebody else.

Remember you will only be able to reuse the material that someone else gave explicit right and not copyrighted materials.

You will have the option to publish the modified and probably updated version of the course for other teachers to take it into use and therefore one contribution after the other – you will be collaborating with teachers around the world – to create one super good looking and useful course for your students. 

And is simple, with just few clicks you are ready to take courses into use and reuse them.

OER at Eliademy

We are expecting that this year alone our global catalog of OERs will have around 5.000 courses to be taken into use by our global audience. So go ahead and create the very first courses that others can reuse and start working in a collaborative way in order to crowdsource the best material for your course.

Remember, if you choose to keep your course a copyrighted one, we will respect your decision and no one will have access to see it or modify it. We kindly ask you to respect the copyright marks of others until the day that all human knowledge will be a fundamental right of all human beings and not the exclusive right of some publishers.