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CRDF Global is an “independent nonprofit organization that promotes international scientific and technical collaboration.” CRDF Global was authorized by the U.S. Congress in 1992 under the FREEDOM Support Act and established in 1995 by the National Science Foundation. This unique public-private partnership promotes international scientific and technical collaboration through grants, technical resources, and training.

CRDF at Eliademy

The mission of CRDF

CRDF Global’s vision is to promote peace and prosperity through international science collaboration. Its mission is:

  • Provide cooperative research and development opportunities that enable scientists and engineers to address critical security, economic, education and other societal needs.
  • Advance peace and prosperity by funding civilian research and development projects that contribute to global nonproliferation objectives.
  • Promote the application of science and technology to economic growth through international partnerships and training that foster invention, innovation, entrepreneurship and the commercialization of technology.
  • Strengthen university research and education in science and engineering.

CRDF Global is based in Arlington, Virginia, and has offices in Moscow and Saint PetersburgRussiaKievUkraineAlmatyKazakhstan; and AmmanJordan.

Between 1995 – 2010, CRDF Global awarded nearly 3,000 grants to more than 13,000 scientists—including 2,500 former weapons researchers—and has committed more than $105 million in total support. In addition to its own funds, CRDF Global has been able to leverage more than $42 million in additional support from foreign governments; as well as cash and in-kind contributions from participating American businesses. In addition to its grantmaking, CRDF Global has a very popular service it provides to organizations seeking to conduct research collaborations abroad, called CRDF Solutions (formerly GAP.) Through this service, CRDF Global has facilitated more than 1,100 individual projects, valued at over $195 million, on behalf of more than 180 business and industry, education and government clients.

We at Eliademy, understand the risks and opportunities that digital education brings and we take that responsibility seriously. We are happy that our platform will be used for research collaboration in addition to gathering and spreading knowledge.