New online course: How to start crowdfunding

Kristiina Pääkkönen, the Country Manager of FundedByMe in Finland, just launched a new course about crowdfunding on Eliademy. We are glad to republish the article she wrote on LinkedIn:

New online course: How to start crowdfunding

When I met Daniel Daboczy on January 2013 I did not know much about crowdfunding. I was amazed by his wide knowledge and crowdsourcing mindset, friendly attitude and the unique charismatic and engaging leadership style. “Welcome to the team” he said and hugged me warmly.

With the big heart, tireless energy and a good business nose this renaissance man has built the leading European crowdfunding platform which has already over 50 000 users from all over the world. FundedByMe offers now equity-based, reward-based and loan-based crowdfunding by giving any entrepreneur an opportunity to raise money for a business. The exciting platform launched last week the first campaign which allows investor to invest using bitcoins. In only one week the campaign has already raised over 400 000€ from more than 100 people.

What is crowdfunding about?

Crowdfunding is a new way to raise money from the crowd through the internet. Crowdfunding sets up an opportunity to test your idea fast with the crowd and monetize the networks you have gained.

I created a short online course with my colleague Alina Koutun to help you to learn the basics of crowdfunding. The tutorial will guide you through the most important phases of crowdfunding process.

After mastering this simple tutorial, you will receive basic knowledge about:

  • various types of crowdfunding campaigns
  • tools that facilitate a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • techniques that improve long-term relationships with your crowd

This training is directed

  • to entrepreneurs who have a business idea
  • to a small or medium sized enterprise and want to acquire financing to realize their dreams
  • to you who want to add the diploma to your Linkedin profile by passing the tasks.

Thank you for the FundedByMe team for helping me with the course content. Now I need YOUR help to polish the course. What I should add to it? What should I change in it? Please attend the course and give me your feedback.


We chose the eLearning platform Eliademy for this course because we see Eliademy is doing the same with the learning we are doing with the funding – to democratize it with the internet. Eliademy is also a startup worth following.

Kristiina Pääkkönen launched FundedByMe in Finland 2013 and has made Finland a successful FundedByMe country as a country manager 2013-2015. Kristiina has several years’ experience in marketing and as a business coach. Kristiina has been working in various social media startups – and as a lobbyist in the beginning of her career. She has graduated from University of Tampere 1999. You can follow Kristiina in Twitter too to learn more about content marketing, networking, collaboration, communication and the startup life adventures.